Power Consumption Monitoring, Energy and Power Output Saver

What is WattSaver?

We live in a modern world where technology is available at the press of a button or the flip of a switch.

WattSaver is an intelligent power consumption monitoring unit specifically designed to curb the loss of electricity (watts) through everyday power sucking appliances in STAND-BY mode.

What is STAND-BY mode?

Almost ALL of the modern-day appliances go in a 'sleep mode' (standby mode) when not in use, BUT it still keeps consuming electricity, albeit to a lesser degree, FOR HOURS ON END! The "stand-by" power usage of applications can be up to 70% of their "On" power.

From your TV, DVD player, Hi-Fi systems to even a cellphone charger just left in the plug ... adding to your electricity bill and contributing to the overall green house effect & CO2 emmisions.

That's where WattSaver comes into play! It intelligently monitors the power consumption of your appliance, and AUTOMATICALLY detects when the specific unit is not in use and cuts off the continuous supply of electricity in standby-mode until you activate the appliance again.

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How does WattSaver work?

No installation required. Simply plug the WattSaver unit into an existing electrical wall socket before connecting your electrical appliances. Depending on the power usage, up to 5 devices can be added to a single WattSaver unit, with a maximum total usage of 500 Watts. The device is not suitable for heavy power usage appliances such as vacuum cleaners, which may in damage to the WattSaver unit.

WattSaver will intelligently detect a drop in power usage within 10 seconds when you either place your appliance on stand-by mode, or when it reverts itself to stand-by mode, cutting of all electricity supply to the appliance.

Simply use the remote of your appliance to turn the system back on. Press the power button twice - once to activate the WattSaver (depending on the physical placement of the WattSaver, you may have to point the remote at the WattSaver first in order to activate it) and once again to activate the appliance to full power.

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How will WattSaver benefit me?

Studies have indicated that in an average household between 5 - 13% of electricity is wasted by appliances in stand-by mode! By using WattSaver the stand-by electrical usage is reduced significantly. This alone contributes to a substantial saving on your electricity bill, not to mention the bigger global impact on resources and CO2 emmissions!

Tests have also shown that you extend your appliances' life by up to 15% by eliminating stand-by power. It also protects your appliance from electrical surges.

WattSaver will pay for itself time and time again and requires a very small initial investment. You have the convenience of using the remote all the time & never need to unplug at the wall or switch off appliances again.

Average electricty usage/appliance in stand-by mode
Standby (Watts/hour)
Hi-Fi / Stereo12
Video Recorder1
DVD player7
Computer + Peripherals15
Computer Monitor11
Broadband Modem14
Answering Machine3
Mobile Phone Charger1-3
TOTAL (Watts/hour)78

These are average figures, depending on various factors such as how efficient your appliances are, makes & models, size etc.

If we assume that the above are on stand-by for 22 hours per day, that amounts to 78 watts/hour x 22 hours = 1716 watts or 1,716 kW of electricity/day wasted!

Or 1,716 kW of electricity/day wasted!

What about the environmental effect?
The electricity used on standby mode for these appliances alone amounts to an unnecessary extra 283kg of Carbon Dioxide that is released into the atmosphere a year!

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Together we can make a difference!

The saving for a single household, using the WattSaver unit on only 1 TV set, amounts to about R66-00 or 83KWatts per year. That might not sound like much, but multiply that with the total number of TV sets in South Africa and the financial as well as the environmental impact is astronomical!

For a commercial venture such as a hotel group with +/- 5 300 TV sets, the cost saving implications of WattSaver is much bigger. The cost saving element of WattSaver is detailed in the table below.

Cost WITHOUT WattSaverCost WITH WattSaver
CURRENT DRAW11.6 watt0.529 watt
STANDBY PER DAY20 hours/day20 hours/day
TOTAL DRAW11.6 x 20 = 232 watts/day0.529 x 20 = 10.58 watts/day
232 x 30 days = 6960 watts/month10.58 x 30 days = 317.4 watts/month
6960 x 12 month = 83.5kW/year317.4 x 12 months = 3,80kW/year
COST OF USE6960 watts x R0.79/kW unit317.4 watts x R0.79/kW unit
  = R5.50/month  = R0.25/month
UNITS IN GROUP5 300 units X R5.50/month5 300 units X R0.25/month
  = R29 150.00/month  = R1325.00/month
  = R349 800/year  = R15 900/year

That amounts to a SAVING of R 333 900-00 PER YEAR for a Hotel Group!
* Based on a cost of R 0-79 per kW/unit of electricity

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